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Even after the diminished good lifetime, dimensional domains convey a great amount of meaningful information regarding real, rational, and religious fact

Even after the diminished good lifetime, dimensional domains convey a great amount of meaningful information regarding real, rational, and religious fact

As a result of this, he is value outlined investigation and you can data. Here are a few of everything the actual CoDD investigation regarding TDVP reveals in the dimensional domains:

E. Schwartz and you can M

Inside domains with step one because of 3 proportions, ranges are measured, and you will phenomena is explained, when it comes to integer multiples out-of Genuine (quantum equality products) of the CoDD. Nonetheless they should be measured and you can discussed with regards to integer multiples from fictional numbers inside domain names having cuatro through 6 dimensions, plus in regards to integer multiples away from certain state-of-the-art numbers, known as the nth root away from unity, in the domains which have seven or maybe more size. Which unitary move from integers in order to imaginary numbers, so you’re able to cutting-edge number was statistically essential a consistent quantized dysfunction of rotation and you may projection out-of geo-centric dimensional domains on hyper-dimensional domain names. Proof of that is seemingly straight-send using the CoDD and you may applying of the Pythagorean Theorem. The fresh new Proof, translated to the traditional easy statistical notation, could have been penned in many instructions and you may documentation, many of which try placed in a few blogposts: Records . We name the procedure of rotation and you can expansive projection from a single dimensional domain name into second one, Dimensional Extrapolation because it demonstrates just how both understanding and you can actual reality expand.

Last year, the first CoDD analysis I did so, having fun with Real quantum arithmetic, were to determine in more detail the combination regarding quarks to make protons, the new sub-nuclear entities one to, as well as electrons, function most of the stable blocks of your sheer aspects of your own occasional desk. Everything i discovered, was alarming, in the event something like it should were asked regarding minute We incorporated awareness in the concept of the basic difference of one’s no. 1 calculus for the 1986 getting application at the quantum measure out-of bodily truth. One development try the current presence of multiple events off Real systems out of low-real gimmel at the heart out-of physical facts, an unignorable signal away from understanding – actually the fresh fingerprints off God appearing to your most numerous stable target of one’s real world, the latest proton. See footnotes actually Starts with Consciousness, Neppe and you may Close (2011) and you may my personal section in the AAPS Frequency I, basic release named Are Consciousness No. 1? Modified by Drs Grams.

Triadic Rotational Equipment out-of Equality (TRUE) try laid out by the size and you can volume of the 100 % free electron, tying the fresh new quantum math of your own CoDD so you’re able to physical facts, and you can Dimensional Extrapolation is an analytical processes analogous towards conscious direction, from the rotation and you will projection, out-of an enthusiastic n-dimensional domain name to your an n+1 dimensional website name. The appearance of gimmel in the CoDD Correct investigation of combination of two up-quarks and something off-quark in order to create an excellent proton, and ties the analysis to awareness, getting a foundation toward integration of consciousness, spirituality, and you will bodily facts.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domain names try geometrical activities one to originate regarding analytical framework of awareness and also have no lives of one’s own. A site is set by amount of dimensions needed to determine it, nevertheless quantity of size and also the extent of these size are completely influenced by the fresh domain’s blogs off bulk, time, and you will gimmel. Inside services to spell it out relativistic effects, physicists and technology editors commonly determine area or spacetime being distorted, curved, or altered because of the mass. But there’s zero particularly question because curved otherwise distorted room, go out, spacetime, otherwise one hyper-dimensional region. Curvilinear pathways from moving objects are due to new distribution from the latest occurrence from substance contained in this a website. This is actually what is recognized for the progressive physics since an excellent field.

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