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In times of trouble, where does your company turn? How do you make sure your business continues to run smoothly when a crisis hits? SBF is dedicated to finding and innovating new ways to help support our clients. This is why our clients across the country utilize our business continuity planning service.

But what is this service and how can it benefit you? Well, say for example some disaster strikes and an outbound communication needs to be drafted and sent to all of your customers/clients. If you’re dealing with the disaster, you don’t have time to focus on dealing with this too, so why not let us handle it. Ok, now say that for some reason, your entire office has to work from home for an extended period of time. How are you making sure your phone lines are still managed regarding inbound calls? With SBF, you’ll know  that every call is answered, so you’re free to focus on running your

What our packages include:

Dedicated custom office number manned between office hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday. Whether you want us to read from a script, take a message and pass it to your team or if you even want us to call out to pass important information to customers, we’re here to help.

Office not available for a few days? Not to worry, you can use ours. We have room for your team to Hot Desk in times of strife so that you never need lose a day of business. And we even have a meeting room to bring potential clients or to hold your next team meeting.

So the phone lines are covered? Great. But what about inbound enquiries from your website? We can monitor and reply on you websites Live Chat in order to ensure your customers are getting the level of support they deserve.

Need a quick and reliable way to inform all of your customers in one go about a new policy change, or some important news? You can’t go wrong with email, but drafting an email and sending it out to all the relevant people (not to mention ensuring that the message has actually been received) is yet another thing that eats away at your time. Let us lighten the load and take care of this essential task for you.

Not planning on being in the office for a while but still want to make sure you don’t miss your all-important mail? We can again help. SBF Consultancy is more than happy to hold your mail for you. Better yet, if it’s a letter, we scan it and email it to you so you never even have to step foot in our office. And if it’s simply an issue of not wanting to give out your home address, we will happily receive and forward all your mail for you.

Ok, but what if your issue is something more public facing? If you’re in the middle of managing a crisis, the first thing on your mind isn’t what other people might be writing about you. But this is, of course, very important to your business. In this case, let us take the reins and wrestle with the beast of public image for you.

Keep your business compliant
When GDPR came out, a lot of businesses scrambled to make the necessary communications with their customers to inform them. Don’t be one of these companies. In times like this you need SBF, not a headache.
Instill your clients with confidence
Clients like to know that when the times are tough, you’re still going to be there to give them what they need. With SBF by your side, your customers will know that you’ll always be there for them.
Protect your brand value
Even in times of crisis, people rarely miss a chance to criticize, so don’t give them an excuse to. With SBF, no matter the situation, we’ve got your back and we won’t let you down.

Case Studies

Find out how our services have helped benefit some of our clients

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Compupay Services

Project management services and full outsourced administration

With the recent global epidemic of Covid-19 (commonly referred to as ‘Coronavirus’), more and more businesses were beginning to work remotely, and Compupay had a mass influx of calls from their customers, the likes of which we’d never seen before.Dan gave us a call and told us the problems they were experiencing and asked if there was anything we could do to help. Well, we wasted no time jumping to action to ensure procedures and extra support was put in place to help them cope during this difficult time.

Testimonial by Dan Stuttard
We were already with SBF when it all went down so I just gave a call to our project director Chris to discuss what could be done. He immediately put more focus into the customer services his team is already providing. Additionally, he set us up a customer overflow line which is an additional phone line dedicated to picking up the calls missed on our usual number so that no call goes unanswered again.
Dan Stuttard
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Eden Design Contracts Ltd

Project management services and full outsourced administration

We met with Adam and the rest of the team to get an initial outline of their companies goals and soon found areas where we could be of service. Our biggest task regarding this client was handling the migration of their sales process system. Once we had a clear plan laid out, we set to work in ensuring that the project was completed on time and without error.

Testimonial by Adam Tallack
SBF was really helpful in managing our the migration of our sales system. This project was far too big for us to handle and still be able to manage the daily running of the business. With SBFs help, it was like a weight was lifted from our shoulders. Thank you.
Adam Tallack

Zero Waste Demolition

Telemarketing solutions, social media management and BCP services

ZWR had a common issue, taking on too much in one go. They were ready for bigger and better jobs but the problem was, in order to secure them, they needed to tender. The issue of course is that  all this takes time and effort, two things a business owner can rarely afford to waste.

So, in keeping with their name, Nigel chose not to waste a single minute of his time on the tender process and outsourced to us for the support. We were able to put in the long winded work so that he could focus on running his business to avoid any open jobs falling behind for the sake of new business. With our support, he’s now taking on bigger and better contracts than ever before.

Testimonial by Nigel Burford
It was a painful decision. Do I sacrifice the work I’m doing right now for the hopes of securing bigger jobs in the future? Or do I just stick to what I’m doing right now? Luckily, I didn’t need to decide as the guys over at SBF were able to lend me a hand. My business didn’t fall behind a single day because of their support.
Nigel Burford
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Eden Design Contracts Ltd

Administration support, marketing, lead generation and social media management

From our first consultation with the company’s Director, we established that they were eager to take on more work and win larger tenders within the construction industry.The process began with our team taking on the back-office functions for the company, taking management of their existing email and support account, creating a new sales and support line and putting together a strong marketing plan and prospect line. From this our assigned marketing manager ran through a digital marketing campaign with the requested business development growing from there. The company is now at a point of exponential growth and is actively winning tenders, contracts and the applause of its clients.

Testimonial by Anca Imbrea
Thanks to Sam, Adam and the team for help with our back office administration support, digital marketing strategy and social media management services. These services provided have really helped our business operate in a more professional and formalised manor, plus increased our capacity and sales. A massive drive and success in business development plus the help and guidance to win more work.
Anca Imbrea

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Anon Demon

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