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Want to take advantage of the free marketing social media can provide but don’t know how to? Well, worry no longer, because our team possess a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding social media marketing.

Having a poorly managed social media page is worse than having no page at all, it misrepresents your company and can leave a bad first impression on any potential customer. This is where we come in. We use our expert knowledge of social media to help cultivate a strong brand identity among your target audience. Shaping and adapting our strategies based on the primary demographic of your cliental.

What our packages include:

Sleep easy knowing your brand identity is in safe hands. Our marketing team are very experienced and are fully committed to creating a strong professional image amongst your customers.

In social media, where you are is just as important as where you are not. Marketing your brand on the wrong site is a waste of time and resources. Moreover, it can hurt your brand’s reputation and its ability to engage with customers. That’s why we spend the time to learn about your company and understand your customers, so that, long before we discuss how we’re going to market your brand, we can determine where we’re going to market your brand.

Once we know what key demographic most frequently engages with your company, we can determine a winning strategy that will put us in contact with that group. This includes everything from the type of content we share to the hashtags that will accompany it.

In order to fully engage with your audience and drum up the necessary attention online, it’s important to post regularly. However, you don’t have all day to sit around coming up with content. This is where our staff, who have had long careers in the marketing field, will set about using their years of experience to curate original content for social media on your behalf.

The lesser understood side of social media management is the data analytics. A great deal of invaluable information for marketing strategy and brand management can be gleaned from it. We don’t blindly post content and hope for the best; if we don’t know what works and what doesn’t, how could we ever improve? We keep detailed reports on content engagement in order to determine what works and what doesn’t and then modify our strategy appropriately.

Pinpoint accurate marketing. We know where your customers are and how to reach them.
Original content, tailored made to appeal to your key demographics.
Data driven strategies to steer your content in the right direction.

Case Studies

Find out how our services have helped benefit some of our clients

Get it done right. Let SBF Consultancy help

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Eden Design Contracts Limited

Administration support, marketing, lead generation and social media management

From our first consultation with the company’s Director, we established that they were eager to take on more work and win larger tenders within the construction industry.The process began with our team taking on the back-office functions for the company, taking management of their existing email and support account, creating a new sales and support line and putting together a strong marketing plan and prospect line. Form this our assigned marketing manager ran through a digital marketing campaign with the requested business development growing from there. The company is now at a point of expediential growth and is actively winning tenders, contracts and the applause of its clients.

Testimonial by Anca Imbrea
Thanks to Sam, Adam and the team for help with our back office administration support, digital marketing strategy and social media management services. These services provided have really helped our business operate in a more professional and formalised manor, plus increased our capacity and sales. A massive drive and success in business development plus the help and guidance to win more work.
Anca Imbrea
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The Link

Social media management

The Link came to us with a very clear idea of what kind of marketing they wanted. We spoke with their director and refined their ideas. After some back and forth, we put together a detailed plan of how their display marketing campaign would go and our team set about renovating their social media pages.

Testimonial by Charlie Fensome
SBF handled us with the upmost professionalism and I would like to commend them on the work they did for our social media accounts, especially regarding our Twitter
Charlie Fensome

Zero Waste Demolition

Social media management

Zero Waste Demolition approached out team with the intention to gain a presence in the social media market and to try and stimulate growth they hoped to achieve in their brand. Part of our company’s initial services was to provide social media management and implementation services, as well as designing new posts, images and blogs and to be shared in order to raise their profile with their targeted audience. Our team of designers created entirely new marketing materials, as well as transferring existing ones to digital formats, setting up social media pages so they could be posted and shared through their online presences. We supported them in the management of these online pages and continued to create new materials that would best reach the target audiences of campaigns they wanted to run, including seasonal giveaways.

Testimonial by Nigel Burford
From going from nothing to something overnight was great. Our relationship manager Ryan really helped explain how and what the guys were trying to achieve and gave us a fundamental understanding of the marketing strategies ZWR was going accomplish. Three months in and we’ve never looked back. Great service, great support. Thanks guys.
Nigel Burford
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“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.”

— Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter

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