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5 Tips to staying motivated at work

Lacking motivation and having down days is all part of being human. There are many things that can kill your motivation but knowing how to pull yourself out of that mindset is a good place to start to help you stay motivated at work.


1. Break over-bearing tasks into smaller ones.

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Large tasks that require a lot of our time and attention can sometimes make us shy away from them. They can be overwhelming and the idea of having to get them done can be daunting.

Think of it like you are writing a storybook. One chapter at a time. Little steps will make the task a lot less overbearing and you are more likely to stay motivated if you see completing each small part of this task as an achievement.

Maybe you could try using a planner. Some planners can  give you techniques on setting goals and


2. Reward yourself and your colleagues to keep everyone motivated.

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Having something to look forward to is going to keep you and your colleagues motivated. Depending on what you’re trying to get motivated to do, the rewards can range from smaller treats, like a trip to the breakroom for a fresh cup of coffee as soon as you finish grinding through emails, to things like buying yourself a nice handbag!

A bonus system is also something you could consider to motivate your colleagues.


3. Push yourself.

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Staying in your comfort zone is fine but can eventually leave you less motivated at work. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can inspire you to do more and try new things. You could try encouraging your colleagues to try leaving their comfort zone too. This might keep you all motivated and push their professional limits.


4. Take some time for self-care!

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I know this probably seems like a stretch if you have a super busy work lifestyle but self-care is important. Taking time to do the things you like and looking after yourself and your body will help you keep motivated as you have a chance to refresh and reboot your mind. Setting a good sleeping routine in place will help with the whole rebooting thing!

Taking small breaks during working hours will also help you relax a little. If you are stressed, just walk away. Yes, walk away. Give yourself a bit of time to take a breather and go back into whatever task you were doing with a clear mind and reframe your perspective.


5. Spend time with colleagues.

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Getting together and doing things that don’t always involve work will be a brilliant way to keep you all motivated. We spend so many hours of our lives in the workplace so we can use those relationships we have with colleagues to get together and keep everyone energized and get through the next working day easier.

Outside of work get-togethers could be a quiet drink at your local, meeting up at a place to eat, a party or a movie night. Anything that will bring you all together that you will all enjoy just to show not everything is about work.


Whether you are running a business or working for one, work can be stressful and to be able to get through stressful days we need the correct mindset and need to be able to reset and refresh.

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