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Cutting the fat – How to keep your business lean and profitable

Lean profitable

So, we usually associate the term “Stay Lean” with diet and exercise. But what does it mean when it comes to business?

Staying lean means getting rid of things of things you don’t need and keeping things that you do need it order to progress in the most efficient way. So, we are getting rid of the excess. It may seem like the opposite to growth and expansion of your company but in order to grow we don’t need all the extra weight!

It’s healthier and more efficient, and it provides the space for meaningful growth.

How to Get Lean

Go into this with an open mind. Experiment and have that mindset to set a goal to maintain efficiency.

Be Ruthless!

Poor performance needs to be replaced or eliminated. Like I said, we don’t need to the extra weight when running a lean business. Keep what is valuable and replace or get rid of.

Empower employees.

Let your employees take control (within moderation) allow them to change processes that aren’t that difficult so they can work to their best ability. Giving up control is hard, but the results will be rewarding for everyone involved.

Don’t stray too far from your roots.

When starting out its important to have solid footing before branching out to new things. Once your core offerings are profitable taking the risk to offer more services and expand a little won’t be so bad.

Expanding services may mean that the business having a bad month or two won’t send your business under water. However, putting too much time, money and attention into new services rather than your core services that started you off and made you successful can be a fatal mistake!

Maintenance is important.

Trying to go at a fast pace isn’t always the best option so take your time and only grow as much as necessary while not straying away from your core service. Commitment and maintenance will help your business to thrive, have efficiency, new strengths, less risk and healthy growth.

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  1. Excellent! Lovely read guys, certainly things I need to put in place with my business

  2. Sam Fleming


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